Every year, the Lightest compound bow manufacturers seem to surpass previous models, giving target archers and bow hunters more than they would ever visualize. We have almost come to look forward to marked improvement every year.

We know the earliest crop of compound bows is coming. It is our job to find the very best compound bows, and we did it at the end of our most tiring assessment.

Every month archery experts and researchers review the top lightest compound bows for beginners, kids, youth, and pro hunters. These are the most stable, balanced, fastest, and accurate bows ever built in the history of hunting, archery, and sporting. If you are in a hurry and do not have all the hours to check out thousands of reviews, then here is our best opt picks for the best light compound bows. Here is the scoop. Just check out our picks; you may find the right one.

A good and fine compound bow makes you win the target games and hunting. It makes the player confident if he or she has been using the same compound bow for a time period of over three months or more. So, we advise you to buy the compound bow a little prior to your competitions if you are intending to participate. There are archery competitions between the beginners too. Let’s go down to the list of the top lightest compound bows.


Best Nine Lightest compound bow –Top 9 list

Image Product Features Price
Bear Archery Brave Youth Compound Bow with Arrow Bear Archery Brave Youth Compound Bow with Arrow
  • 15-25lb draw weight
  • 26inch brace height
  • Aluminum frame
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PSE Deer Hunter Lightest Compound Bow PSE Deer Hunter Lightest Compound Bow
  • Weight: 3.6lb
  • 40lb draw weight
  • 257 fps
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Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow
  • 315 fps
  • Weight: 3.0lb
  • 5-70lb draw weight
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Best Pro Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow Best Pro Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow
  • 310 fps
  • Dual eccentric cams
  • 5-70lb draw weight
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Leader Accessories Lightest Crossbow Leader Accessories Lightest Crossbow
  • 285fps
  • 175lb draw weight
  • 125 grains arrows
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Martin Archery Carbon Fury Long Draw Compound Bow Martin Archery Carbon Fury Long Draw Compound Bow
  • 325 fps
  • Weight: 3.3lb
  • 40-60lb draw weight
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Bear Archery New Approach RTH Compound Bow Bear Archery New Approach RTH Compound Bow
  • 330fps
  • Weight: 4.2lb
  • Hybrid cam system
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Bear Archery Wolverine Takedown 62″ Recurve compound Bow Bear Archery Wolverine Takedown 62″ Recurve compound Bow
  • 40-50lb draw weight
  • Right/left hand orientation
  • 7.5-8inch brace height
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Top archery 56-inch Hunting Recurve Lightest Bow Top archery 56-inch Hunting Recurve Lightest Bow
  • Right hand shooter
  • Limb length: 53inch
  • 30-50lb draw weight
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1# Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

Bear archery made one of the best compound bows in the market, and the Cruzer G2 bow is their showcase compound bow. The Cruzer G2 product is your typical Bow in views, but that is part of why it is superior.

Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow


Don’t worry about the price of the product it is a really cheap product. It is a versatile bow. It can be affixed for an increased distance from 12 to 30 inches and for weights from 5 to 70 pounds. This makes it best for experienced hunters and beginners alike, and especially this is perfect for beginners who want to become a hunter.

In addition, unlike few compound bows, you may fix the Cruzer G2 with the Allen wrench. You do not want to reimburse for a bow press. The twin cams and Endura Fiber limbs both give you a smooth draw by 70 percent let off. It comes with 6 accessories built by Trophy Ridge, a whisker biscuit arrow rest, four-pin sight, five-arrow quiver, secure with a sling, nock loop, and peep sight.

All this, and the weight of this lightest Bow is just only 3 pounds, so you can hunt all day without aches, pain, and discomfort! Yes, Absolutely, it is worth the price. You will get a bow that is good than the Cruzer G2, but you will be spending a lot more cost just for only a little quite better Bow. Instead of buying a more expensive bow that would not actually be more correct, then why not secure that money.

Key Features

  • This Bow comes with a speed of 315 feet/ second
  • Its weight is about three pounds
  • Its axle is about 30 inches
  • The brace height is around 6 inches and 1/2 inches
  • Its draw weight is 5 pounds to 70 pounds
  • Its draw length around 12inches to 30 inches
  • This Bow is made for all ages, and it comes with high versatility
  • The thrill of the hunt is amenable to environmental change.
  • The draw is easy to fix from 5 lbs. to more than 70 lbs.
  • The overall package size is around 40 x 15 x 5, and the weights are 10 lbs.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • It comes with every accessory except arrows.
  • It is perfect at 60-yards.

Customer Reviews

  • One of the customers said that the weight of this compound bow is light in weight that makes it easy to carry, and the stalk and spot hunting draw is very quiet and extremely smooth on the release of an arrow, even exclude the dampeners in between the limbs
  • One of the customers also said that this compound bow is the best pick for beginners. He said that any person who wants to learn archery must start-up with this Bow as its amazing features never let anyone regret their choice of the sport as well as the product.
  • One customer said that Every shot was perfectly consistent, and every shots’ range is accurate on point about 70 yds.

Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

2# Best Pro Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow

The Pro Diamond Infinite Archery Edge lightest Bow provides quality performance. It is budget-friendly. This Bow is a brand operated and owned by Bowtech, who built the best compound bows for beginners around the globe. It is manufactured specifically for females, beginners, and children with accurate fix settings. It is easy to use.

It is incredibly versatile, and archers may use it for hunting, sport and target shooting, etc. A typical Diamond Archery compound bow comes with the following accessories.

If you are looking for a versatile feature-packed, then this one really suits your required choice. It is the best-selling Bow of all time. We can increase the draw length by more than 13 inches to 30 inches, which permits for an entirely new category of shooters with extended draws. And finally, we can add a stabilizer for perfect balance.

Key Features

  • It works at a speed of about 310 fps.
  • The draw length is 13 to30
  • Draw weight is about 5 to 70 lbs.
  • Its dual cams set-up, which is elliptical and smooth.
  • No vibration
  • No noise
  • Zero hand shock
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for shooting
  • Good quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable
  • Great performance
  • Not suitable for hunting

Customer Reviews

  • One of the customers said that it has low recoil and high speed. Also, it is accurately adjustable and should fit you for a lifetime.
  • Draw Length and Draw weight shoots awesome with very minimum fine-tuning.

Best Pro Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow

3# Leader Accessories Lightest Crossbow

The Crossbow Package leader accessories bow is a great performance crossbow below 500$. It is an excellent compound bow and is powerful for target shooting and hunting.

It includes a padded sling with four-piece aluminum arrows. It also comes with more accessories such as 3 red dot sight, quiver, scope Stringer, Padded sling, cocking rope, and wax.

It provides a massive capacity of a tree stand, Durable protection vest harness, doghouse blinds, ground hub hunting blinds, 1 person chair blinds, a stick for shooting, heavy-duty cart, gambrel system, and hoist. It brings a happy and good hunting experience. It is exactly worth your thoughts.

Key Features

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Anti-dry mechanism format
  • Draw weight is 175 lbs.
  • Black color
  • Dimension is 36.5 inches L and 27.5-inch width
  • 125-grains arrows
  • Speed is about 285 fps
  • Overall weight is 7.48 lbs.
  • Excellent triggers pull at 6lbs and power stroke at 11.5 inches
  • Smooth
  • No voice
  • Good quality and design
  • Budget-friendly
  • It is a powerful crossbow
  • Difficult to adjust

Customer Reviews

  • The biggest problem is the use of Thread lock at medium strength with screws on the stirrup and red dot scope as they seem to loosen after several firings.
  • Working with this Bow is a fun experience. It is cooperative, friendly, and helpful in replacement with no questions asked. Honestly, it is worth the Budget.
  •  I had only one problem with the quiver the piece that holds the tip was missing, and it is a kind of heavy but well performance.

Leader Accessories Lightest Crossbow

4# Martin Archery Carbon Fury Long Draw Compound Bow

The Carbon Martin Archery Fury Draw Long is an excellent bow just made for hunting. It is an extended single cam compound bow packed with the best features such as limb angle, machined aluminum. It is a low weight bow that makes it easy for perfect hunting and for using.

Key Features

  • Speed is about 325 fps
  • Draw weight around 3.3 lbs.
  • Draw length: long
  • Draw weight range is about 40 to 60 lbs.
  • An axle to axle is perfect
  • It comes in four colors: Early Season, Late Season, Blackout, and Ambush
  • Light-weight
  • A smooth draw shooting compound Bow
  • Easy to use and durable Bow.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good quality
  • Great Material
  • Best performance
  • Not good looking

Customer Reviews

One of the customers said that he was impressed by its arrow speed, despite it being lightweight. He recommended that all beginners should spend a little money buying this product if they want to have a good and memorable experience.

Martin Archery Carbon Fury Long Draw Compound Bow

5# Bear Archery New Approach RTH Compound Bow

Bear Archery RTH Compound Bow is the best budget compound bow available in the market. This Bow has a hybrid Cam system with excellent performance on both dual Cam speed and single Cam speed. It includes many features of customizability that will cost hundreds much and it is incredibly adjustable.

It has a limb pocket system made of aluminum. It is durable and lightweight. This 32-inch axle to axle cam system is quite easy to tune. With a speed of about 330 feet/ second.

Key Features

  • Draw weight is about 4.2 lbs.
  • It comes with 7 inches height of braces
  • It shoots at 330 feet/ second.
  • Draw Length range is about 27 inches to 32 inches
  • Peak mass weight around 55 lbs. to 70 lbs.
  • Hybrid cam system that keeps speed and efficiency
  • Adjustable
  • adjustable
  • Light-weight
  • The best measurement of axle
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Hight Quality
  • High speed
  • Not for professional

Customer Reviews

  • A female buyer of this Bow placed the review admiring the manufacturing of the Bow and said that she had not seen any good quality manufacturing of any beginner compound bow. She is completely satisfied with the performance as well as the material of the Bow and has recommended another female beginner archer to go for this Bow.
  •  Another customer said that the Bow he gets is not one of the great qualities. Below than 200 arrows, and one of the main issues is the cams are not cooperative, and it has a sharp edge in the string. Peep tube at sight came apart right away. Overall good Bow and budget-friendly excluded all these issues.

Bear Archery New Approach RTH Compound Bow

6# Bear Archery Wolverine Takedown 62″ Recurve compound Bow

Bear Archery Wolverine 62 inches Recurve compound Bow is the best cheap Bow ever. It is the most popular and traditional one that shoots quickly, and an arrow sits directly at hand when you are shooting.

It is a classic and modern design and best in performance during hunting. It is built with durability in mind and excellent quality. This Bow performs excellently in indoor hunting and outdoor hunting, but it is just for adults’ children to beware of it.

Key Features

  • Available in Right hand and left hand
  • It comes in 40 lbs., 45 lbs., and 50 lbs. options.
  • Limbs and risers are built handy wood, multi-layer laminate
  • It is a great entry-level compound bow for hunting and also for shooting.
  • The limbs are coated with black fiberglass
  • It is made only for adult men and women
  • Larger girls and boy can use it
  • It has pre-installed string nock.
  • This compound bow is just for adult ones.
  • It is used for best and perfect hunting.
  • The brace height is about 7.5 inches to 8 inches.
  • You can use aluminum, wood, or carbon arrows with it.
  • Available for left-hand and right-hand configuration.
  • No extra limbs.
  • only for adult
  • Not Budget-friendly
  • Not good looking

Customer Reviews

  • One of the customers said that for all of you looking for a recurve and your mission is not Olympic-type target shooting. I strongly recommend the Bear Wolverine compound bow.
  • Another customer also strongly recommends this Bow for hunting because it is worth of budget.
  • Easy to assemble and change the best strings shoots. It is the best quality bow.

Bear Archery Wolverine Takedown 62 inch Recurve compound Bow

7# Top archery 56-inch Hunting Recurve Lightest Bow

Top archery 56-inch Recurve hunting Bow provides you excellent maneuverability, versatility, and extremely comfortable to handle with the support of the fiberglass limb designed with a maple core. It has a removable limb that comes in a back-pack. It can be swapped or stored away to change the draw weight of the Bow.

This compound bow is aimed at survivalists and archers and comes in a right-handed inclination. It is made of excellent quality with an aluminum material along with allocation tapped to stabilizers, solid rise. It is light in weight, and it has a mass weight of about 30 to 50 pounds and 30 inches of draw length. For incredible performance, it requires a carbon arrow for ideal shooting.

Key Features

  • A great choice for beginners and professional archers
  • This Bow has 14 Dacron strand strings and a replacement string draw length of 133cm/ 53 inches.
  • the length of the bow riser is 17inches long.
  • High-quality aluminum riser
  • The length of the limb is 53 inches
  • Lamination core, maple core with black fiberglass on the back and belly
  • It is made for a right-handed shooter
  • Draw length is 56 inches
  • The maximum mass length is 30 inches.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent performance and
  • It is built for beginners and also for newbies and skilled archers.
  • It provides incredible and great grip
  • Easy and safe to use for beginners and experts
  • Well manufacturer limb
  • Light-weighted
  • Nicely tuned
  • Designed for shooters.
  • It is right-hand inclinations only.

Customer Reviews

  • This compound bow has received many positive views but we can share a few of them. we hope that these reviews would help you to buy the right bow.
  • This Bow does not come with a bow stringer, string, arrow rest, or any equipment to fix the bolts on the limbs. This seems to be only the compound bow itself.
  • The Bow has outstanding quality parts and the best workmanship, but it would have been better.

Top archery 56-inch Hunting Recurve Lightest Bow

8# Bear Archery Brave Youth Compound Bow with Arrow

The Bear Archery youth brave compound Bow is a pre-fuel bow made for young kids and perfect for shooting training and learning. This Bow is perfect for beginners between the year of 8 and is more accessible in six distinct colors. This compound bow is designed only for the right-hand user, and it has two safety glass arrows for shooting.

It has a mass length range of about 13.5 inches at 65 percent and 5.5 inches in the Brace’s height with a 26 inches axle to axle and whisker arrow rest, and it has a peak mass weight about 15 lbs. to 25 lbs. This Bear Archery bow is accurately lightweight, and it is for adults and young archers.

Key Features

  • 26 inches axle to axle
  • The range of Draw length is 13.5 inches to 19.5 inches
  • The mass weight is 12 lbs. to 25 lbs.
  • The overall length is 26 inches
  • The height of the Brace is 5.5 inches
  • 2-wheeled youth bow with a simple transition to an adult bow
  • It contains finger rollers, whisker biscuit arrow rest, and one pin sight.
  • Two safety glass arrows and arrow quicker.
  • Light-weight
  • It is easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Made by durable aluminum material
  • Great accuracy and performance
  • Not adjustable to draw length

Customer Review

  • A man wrote that it is the best lightweight compound bow .he tried many bows but it is the best one it is adjustable .he strongly recommended this compound bow These bows are well made and super sturdy
  • The draw length is too small that is the most significant issue with it.
  • Great beginner compound bow.  It came with one large arrow and two small arrows, which I’m much happy about.

Bear Archery Brave Youth Compound Bow with Arrow

9# PSE Deer Hunter Lightest Compound Bow

The PSE Deer Hunter compound bow is an excellent entry-level bow for beginners of all year to hunt and learn with it. This strengthens hunter bow is manufactures with stress optimized limbs, a smooth draw cycle, precision-engineered, a stage-3 eccentric cam, and a rubber vibrant check grip.

It has a mass weight of about 40 pounds, and it has a high versatility to shoot between 265 feet and 257 feet/ second. This Bow includes quiver, sight, arrow rest. The overall weight of this Bow is about 3.6 pounds.

Key Features

  • It has a mass weight of about 3.6 pound
  • The draw weight is 55 pounds.
  • 65 % let off.
  • Its speed is 265 inches to 257 inches at 29.
  • Its brace height is 7 inches to 5/8 inches
  • It has Axle to Axle around 38 inches to 1/4 inches
  • It is easy to use and durable.
  • Adjustable one.
  • Durable
  • Best quality.
  • The smooth draw for shooting.
  • Easy to shoot and handle
  • Pretty slow
  • Adjustments will need a new cam.

Customer Reviews

  • Customer reviews help us decide whether to buy a product or not. While discussing this Bow’s reviews, we are confident that you will be prompted to immediately purchase the product.
  • I love it, but the accessories that come with it are honestly not useful
  • This compound bow already has its sight of 50 yds. Easy to use and good draw length and also mass weight
  • Cams are just perfect. It feels so lightweight and subtle in my hand. Extremely simple to adjust.

PSE Deer Hunter Lightest Compound Bow

How We Test Compound Bows?

Every compound bow in the market shots three times by a Hooter Shooter under a semi-anechoic chamber. We notice the speed with two chronographs, a fletch less 350-grain arrows, and also with rest. It comes with dual microphones, and three vibration readings are noted through a micro accelerometer. A hand-arm perception filter is a cover to complete the ­vibration measurement.

Stress out draws force measures and curves. Each Bow has greater efficiency that is supplied to the arrows. These measurements are not providing many scores, but these bows are determined in the evaluation of the draw cycle.


Compound bows are important for those who consider archery sport or hunting as their favorite hobby. A good and fine compound bow makes you win the target games and hunting. It makes the player confident if he or she has been using the same compound bow for a period of over three months or more. So, we advise you to buy the compound bow a little before your competitions if you intend to participate. There are archery competitions between the beginners too. The market has several lightest compound bows. Although this variety sounds exciting, it makes the buyer confused to choose between many products, offering extensive features and ease towards the archery. To enjoy the performance, you must consider the quality of these light compound bows because the quality is the main thing that can increase your interest level. If you seek compound bows with all these types of demands, this is a perfect pick.

No need to worry about throwing streamers with them. But if you jump up more than large streamers such as 4.5 plus inches, then do not forget to pick these ones.

You can easily go through the list and select the one that attracts you the most Hopefully, in this article, you learned a lot about the best compound bows, and now you are able to select from them up to your choice.

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