Welcome to our PSE Brute X compound bows’ review. This is definitely an amazing compound bow that provides the same features and qualities that come with bows that are double as expensive. If you need a seriously good lightest compound bow at a reasonable price, this is exactly what you are looking for and what you purchase.

PSE is among the universe’s oldest developers and manufacturers of archery accessories and compound bows. Since its establishment, it has been known worldwide for its exceptional compound bow speed and accuracy. This compound bow permits hunters to shoot and track their prey from longer distances either staying precise and accurate.

PSE Brute X Compound Bow Package Contents

The Ready to Shoot package available with several items:

  • The PSE Brute bow contains limbs, cables, riser, eccentric system, strings, etc.
  • Gemini three pin/ nail sight
  • Fast detach six arrows Quiver
  • Peep-sight
  • wrist sling
  • Flexxtech stabilizer through string stop
  • Hush-kit
  • A Whisker biscuit rest
  • Nock-loop

PSE Brute X Specs

The several specifications are significantly based on our PSE Brute X 2013 review while the model’s specs have changed a bit little. The PSE Brute X Compound Bow features dementia Pro cam functions that claim to be 1 of the best efficient cam systems that ever build. Its features are 1/2 inches adjustments, this single compound bow comprises a power cam situated on the bottom of the limb, with a round loafer wheel at the peak. The ultra-solid riser decreases shock thereby extending precision and accuracy.

Appreciate its silencing feature package, the compound bow is vibration-free during firing and extremely quiet. The cam system has a fixed let off at 75 percent. The compound bow is comfortable to hold for a longer period for a beginner one than a conventional 65 percent to let off the bow. Combined with a draw weight of about 4 lbs. and because of this, the PSE Brute compound bow is easy to carry for a longer time at full draw weight.

The speed of the PSE Brute X bow is a chunk remarkable, grateful to PSE’s smart technology. Not only is the compound bow fast, shooting an arrow to the pointed target at a stronger speed of about fps 320, it is also one the most well-planned systematic bow around the globe. This is because of the integration of compound limbs, high tolerance, and vibration isolation.

PSE Brute X bows’ fps not only gives the archer unbelievable speed but still provides a remarkably smooth draw. It makes utilize of a heavy system of cables that let to bend a limb. This compound bow also provides the power and flex to shoot an arrow. PSE Brute X bows’ string along with a set of pulley functions provides you a drawn length in between around 25 inches to 30 inches. Nevertheless, it comes with 29 inches drawn length that should be adjusted along with your choice. This supplies you the capability to affix the power of your compound bow.

Combined with a draw weight of about 60 pounds to 70 pounds, it is definitely enough to bring you excited about PSE hunting and compound bows. A thinner torque-free riser combined with the 7 inches to 1/2 inches brace height that let the Brute X bow bit easy to utilize.

The Bow’s Draw Cycle

The PSE Brute compound bow has a comparatively narrow valley that why it is yet wide enough that you can provide to use this bow pretty fast. The wall is very rigid and easy to carry the arrow amongst.

It is extraordinarily smooth to draw although this will definitely come at the price of sacrificing. The limb has energy storing capabilities. Yet, the balance between power and smoothness is great.

How to adjust the draw weight on a PSE bow?

If talk about PSE brute X compound bow to adjust the draw weight, we have to load or unload more flex (stress) on the limbs. We do that by loosening or tightening the bolts of the limbs.

To extend the draw weight to higher poundage then tighten the bolts of the limb in a clockwise direction until both limbs became tight amongst the riser.

How much draw weight does it take to kill a deer?

Keep in mind that you may effectively kill deer with at least 40 pounds of the compound bows’ draw weight. According to the rule of thumb about 40 pounds of (KE) kinetic-energy pleasantly kills white tails, and 50 pounds or higher is needed for a longer game such as bear, moose, or elk.

Kinetic Energy of The PSE Brute X Compound Bow

The (KE) kinetic energy of the PSE Brute can vary remarkably depending on the set up of a compound bow. Distinct draw weight, arrow weight, string accessories, draw length, arrow length, and fletching height these will affect the kinetic energy which your arrow may deliver. Assuming you utilize

  • A 70 lbs. sort of the compound bow
  • With the setting of draw length, about 29 inches
  • It should have 425-grain arrows

You will expect from your arrow to convey 72 feet lbs. of KE kinetic energy at the range of point-blank. The kinetic energy deteriorates by an average of about 1.5 feet to 2.0 feet lbs. for each 10 yards the arrow proceeds, so if the arrow affects a 50-yard target, expect your arrow to convey roughly around 64 feet lbs. of kinetic energy.

PSE Brute X Price

As with any item, the extraordinary performance given by a PSE Brute X Bow comes at a cost. The PSE compound bow comes in the range of about $380.50$ to 522.22$. This is generally based on either the product arrives with an entire PSE Brute X Skull-works bundle or not. Such an amount is weather determine to be a chunk economical mostly when did comparison to another alternative compound bows’ products.

From other Brute X reviews, several customers specify that the cost is just with-in the budget. Furthermore, when determining the innovative style and high quality featured in its production, the product is worth the budget label. This Brute X compound bow certainly provides value for your amount.

Vibration and Noise Levels

The PSE Brute X compound bows’ limbs are made up of the Hush Kit dampeners, which mainly decrease both the course noise levels and the vibration of it. While the limbs are parallel, the power ejects because of the acceleration of the limbs does not approach the riser that conveys for practically 0 hand shock when firing. A shock-free and very quiet compound bow, as you will read in another PSE X compound bow review.

Shooting Speed

The shooting speed range for the PSE compound bow is about 320 fps. Shooting ratings are always managed with:

  • Arrow about 350-grain
  • Draw weight that is around 70 lbs.
  • Draw length of 30 inches

In a real-life condition. Nevertheless, your accurate fps may be much little than that. According to our article on What is Your compound Bow’s actual Speed for considering what to look for.

What is the best PSE bow?

The stingers of the PSE brute bow are one of the best-selling bows of every time, and as of 2020, the company has brought the Stinger platform to the next level with re-engineered limbs, shorter, and bigger cams.

It has a specialty of around 30 inches length of the axle to axle, PSE states the Stinger max is great and accurate for ground-blind hunting and tree stand.

The PSE Brute cams System (eccentric)

The PSE Brute compound bow arrives with the cam system. This is a single-cam item comprised of a power cam upon the bottom limb, and around the wheel of the idler at the top. While there is no synchronization include inside the system, featured with an inherent single cam system.

There is quite little maintenance included. On the other side, the absence of synchronization also seems that the nock cannot travel in an accurate straight line that may latently have a negative effect on accuracy and precision that is albeit a chunk slight one.

The cam may have a laser engraved labeling to make tuning comfortable, and a shield stop for lower vibration performance and quieter. You may adjust the draw length from around 25 inches to 30 inches in 0.5 inches set up.

Riser and Limbs

PSE manufactures the Brute X by utilizing split limbs as opposed to rigid limbs which as utilize on prior versions of this compound bow. There are no certain benefits to having split limbs as against to another type although I must tell that this compound bow looks lovely darn cool.

A riser is an automobile and builds from integrating the Raptor grip, and aluminum. According to several grips, this one is great and does a matter of private preferences. I find that it is really comfortable and easy to carry if you have large to small sized palms. However, if you have a monster sized hand it may take a few getting used to.

Both the limbs and the riser are exceptionally durable and enough strong, while yet remaining it is light in weight and this brute X bow is highly rigid as made of unbreakable material.

Using A PSE Brute compound bow For Hunting

At the maximum settings around 70 lbs., draw weight, about 29 inches to 30 draw length, and using 425 plus grain arrows. The Brute X compound bow is able of bringing down even the largest and strongest game animals on the earth, consisting African grizzly and elephants.

If you have a smaller version of the compound bow of about 60 lbs. and adjust the draw length over 28 inches, you may still bring down large game consisting of elk also. In accordance with the section above on the kinetic energy of compound bow for more information.

The Brute X is also comparatively small, at the length of an axle-to-axle length around 31 inches. This will provide it very easy to operate on a tree stand and other difficult spots. And while it both shoots quietly and draws, stealth will be maintained for an extremely long period.


The sight of a PSE compound bow will be a bit daunting for a beginner. All those conjoining cables, levers, and cams may quickly make nervous a first-time user of this bow. The great and nice thing about the PSE compound bow is only how welcoming and easy it is for the new users.

There is no complex assembly need. The compound bow is extremely customizable. And the smooth draw together with the high energy out-put all serves to make this brute compound bow the best gateway into the society of compound bow firing.


The exclusive single cam system has an energized cam affix to an idler wheel on the top arm and bottom limb. Because of the appearance of only one cam, the PSE Brute bow does not need any synchronization. This results in a compound bow that is at really minimum maintenance they need a little tuning.

Adjustments and Customizations

The Brute X compound bow comes to gather with a standard draw length of about 29 inches. Nevertheless, the length will be adjusted in between 25 inches and 30 inches.

Adjustments will be made in about 0.5 inches increments, however, permit the PSE compound bow to accommodate according to different draw lengths. Tuning the compound bow is extraordinarily easy and simple, grateful to the laser engraved cams notches.


What is that telling about beauty resting in the eyes of the be-holder? however, the old chestnut does not requisite here. No circumstance how you seek it at. There is no denying that the PSE compound bow is a brilliant bow.

The split limb made together with the high-quality craftsmanship united to create a good-looking bundle. The compound bows available in just a single color that is print mossy camouflage. You do not get an entire color scheme to opt from, but believe me, the camo print looks incredibly beautiful.

What Is a Valley?

The valley means that the distance between the length at which the compound bow tension extended and the wall that is at the last of the draw. A compound bow with a large valley is highly forgiving to a buyer. It permits the archer to set minor adjustments to their draw length at the last of the pull except sacrificing form.

In comparison, a small valley conveys a short window to the user for adjustments. Stray too distant from the pillar, and you will find a suddenly extended on the strings’ tension. The Brute X bows’ short valley may bring several getting used to, but it is a chunk short-coming in an otherwise it is a usable and delightful compound bow.

What is Hand Shock?

When it is drawn to the higher draw length then there is a notable amount of potential energy that is secured in the bows’ limbs. This energy is what throws the arrow ejects towards the key target. Preferably, all this power should be shifted to the arrow. However, this does not really occur in the world.

When the string is let go than a few of the power transfers through the bows’ limbs and onto the hands of the archer. Depending on the shot mechanics and design of the compound bow, this shock will be quite painful and jarring.

Nevertheless, the design of a parallel limb on the Brute X bow makes sure that the surplus force would not approach the grip of the hand. This seems that it releases very comfortably. There is the main thing that we would like to mark out. The PSE X bow, while having extraordinary usability it would have a rare narrow valley.

 Ease of Use

With any compound bow, there subsists a tradeoff between ease of use and power. The easier a compound bow is to draw, the little tension is stored and generated in the limbs. That in return it results in a lower energy output if the bow-string is declared.

One of the major remarkable specialty of the PSE X is only how it is easy to draw, and still makes a great velocity of an arrow. There is no nice way to express it than that its buttery draw smooth, it makes the compound bow remarkably easy for newbies to get usual to it. This permits the archer to make pivot focus on his aim and form, rather than struggling to pull the bowstring all the backward

The PSE parallel limb builds to permit it to cover a wide-spread issue with other bow design. There is almost no hand shock.

Extra Unique Features

A string comes with every Ready to Shoot PSE bundle. The tip of the string is built of rubber, and it can stop the string by vibrating overly once an arrow is released. This importantly decreases the noise levels and let the bow to shoot very far greatly.

  • PSE Compound Bow is the best option even for beginners, appreciate to its smooth draw cycle
  • It is usually a lightweight compound bow
  • It is easier to carry, manipulate, and adjust
  • It is quite manageable.
  • The great strength materials warranty that the life span of this compound bow is really long and does not need more maintenance as compared to other products.
  • It is perfectly accurate and makes a consonant pulling energy
  • This bow is extremely budget friendly as compared to other models.
  • Ready to Shoot bundle gives every-thing you want excluded arrows
  • Exceptionally vibration free and quiet
  • A remarkable speed
  • Apart from the above advantages, the PSE Compound Bow has a couple of problems.
  • Several users get it a bit difficult when setting draw post adjustments
  • The valley sometimes quite wider to adjusted

PSE Brute X compound bows


Based off our PSE Brute X compound bows’ reviews, this is the only compound bow that delivers according to the requirements of any archer. It operates at remarkable speed with unmatched accuracy.

Its specialty a few setbacks that can comfortably be eliminated with the use of some special equipment that contains inside the package. With certainty, we can surely suggest this bow for those who are searching for a perfect compound bow for hunting

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